Asian Americans: The Silent Victims of Discrimination in America

Asian Americans are typically stereotyped as a “Model Minority”, but a significant majority are facing a “Bamboo/ Glass Ceiling” and treated as “Scapegoats” in the working place.

In May 2015, a coalition of 60 Asian Pacific Americans (“APA”) jointly filed a complaint of college admissions discrimination against several Ivy League Universities due to being denied admission to these Universities by highly qualified APA applicants.

On June 1, 2015, Ellen Pao, a Chinese American female filed a court notice indicating she plans to appeal the verdict in her gender discrimination lawsuit against Menlo Park-based venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. [Source: Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco,       Case # CGC-12-520719]

In November 2014, Peter Liang a NYPD Chinese American rookie Officer was foot patrolling with his rookie partner in the high crime housing project in Brooklyn, New York City during the evening shift in an almost dark stairway. Upon hearing a loud noise, Officer Liang draw his service weapon and accidentally discharged a single bullet ricocheting off the wall and killing an innocent black man, who was in the stairwell a flight below.  As a result of this alleged accident, Officer Liang was indicted and charged with murder by Brooklyn District Attorney, an African American. [Source: Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Kings, the People of New York v. Peter Liang #9988/2014]

In June, 2015, The APA Plaintiffs appealed their discrimination case to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  According to initial filing of court documents [Source: USDC #08-04702], on October 10, 2008, six (6) Asian Pacific Americans (“APA”) Counselors or Juvenile Detention Officers in San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department consisting of three (3) Chinese Americans, one (1) Japanese American, one (1) Asian Indian female and one (1) Samoan American female are Plaintiffs involved in the discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and retaliation action against their employer. [Source: Lam et. al, vs. City & County of San Francisco et. al, U.S. District Court of Northern California #cv10-04641, 9th Circuit Court #15-16150]

The above APA Plaintiffs are now seeking and asking for public support via a “Raise a Dollar Campaign” to retain willing competent counsels, cover legal costs appealing to the 9th Circuit Court and provide legal assistance to related legal cases in order to “Stand Up Against Discrimination Upon Asian Americans in the Workplace.” sponsored the above legal fundraising project

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